How To Have A Customized Shower Design

Whether you are building a complete home addition, adding a deck, or simply adding a bathroom for your new home you will want to incorporate your new bathroom designs into your next shower design. With some of the many types of designs available, it can be difficult to choose the right design for your new bathroom. Luckily this article was written to help you learn about some of the more popular choices for custom showers.

The Steam Shower Room

Since the steam shower rooms tend to be reasonably small you will want to consider adding, if possible, a steam room to your custom shower.

Generally, you will want to use a waterproof material for the walls, such as masonry or ceramic tile. You will then want to choose a color for other surroundings such as the beautiful windows, cabinetry, or glass surrounds.

The Steam Shower Screen

You may want to consider choosing a see-through screen for your custom shower that is also waterproof. The benefit is that you will be able to see the things and people you shower with, but still, be able to keep the rest of the room waterproof.

Benefits of an Owners Board

This will allow you to place your shampoo, conditioner or body wash into the bath on the board. Then you can effortlessly reach the bathtub without having to search for a towel. Additionally, the board can easily be cleaned and the conditioner, or body wash, will stay inside it.

Shower Curtains

The shower curtains range from very simple and classic shower curtains to more elaborate but luxurious curtains. Again, you will want to choose a color and design that matches the rest of the room.

The Vanity Unit

The vanity unit is just what you would think it would be; a place where you can keep your soaps, shampoo and other items. The vanity units can be found in many styles, including contemporary, antique, retro and more. You are sure to find one that fits both your taste and budget!

Some Common Questions

Shower curtains and vanity units can sometimes give homeowners a few questions, so here are some answers to some of the most common questions people have about showers.

· Do I really need to have soap in the bathroom? No. It is perfectly acceptable to have soap and shampoo in the shower, as many people use the soap to clean them off when they get out. But you may want to use a liquid cleaner instead.

· What length cord should I use in my shower? It all depends on what your shower stall is, but if you have a corner shower stall you will want to ask a contractor or plumber about what is the code for your state or city.

· What is the main purpose of my shower? This will be dependent on your family’s lifestyles. Do you have any pets that may have to be cleaned off by the shower often?

· What type of shower enclosure will I need? You will find that most all custom shower units are made of either acrylic or fiberglass, but you can upgrade to all vinyl shower doors.

· What kind of shower door do I want, sliding or swinging? Swinging shower doors generally give more unrestricted access and tend to be easier to clean, but sliding doors can be useful if you want more privacy in your bathroom.

· What color should I use for my custom shower? Do you want darker colors or lighter colors?

Making a visit to a local store can be a great way to get some great ideas, pictures and advice on your custom shower project. People are more than willing to assist you with choosing just the right enclosure, to make sure they stay within code. And, of course, they will also help by introducing you to the people who will help you with your project, whether you are installing a shower for yourself, your family or for a friend.

The bottom line is that when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you want to have a custom shower that perfectly fits your personality, and your price range. With so many resources available, you can have your custom shower designed, engineered, and customized to exactly how you want it done…and for a substantial price.

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