Five Popular Decorating Styles For the Living Room

While there are many different ways to decorate a living room, there are five popular decorating styles that almost any space in your home can adapt to perfectly.

Comfortable Elegance

Everyone loves the look and feel of comfortable elegance. With this style, you want to use darker colors and more luxurious furnishings. Furnishings for tight spaces with an elegant appearance greatly enhance the room’s overall appeal. When decorating with this look, you want to use the same tones for the walls and the ceiling. If your room is painted a lighter color, then you can add a black or white new frame to the painting for a very stylish look. Keep the pillows on the sofa in a similar tone as well to really enhance the couch as a main part of the room.

The Traditional

If you prefer a more formal look, then you want to use warmer tones like browns and reds, and orange for your living room. The traditional room is usually more formal than the other styles since its general design and style need to be subtle. You want to use lighter wall color to give the illusion of a bigger space. The sofa usually matches the color of the upholstery to create the look of a unified theme. This is a great style to use if you have neutral-colored walls and furniture. If there are any other major changes you would like to make to the room’s furniture with this type of design, you will have to paint all the walls in much darker colors than you normally would. For example, if you choose to add patterned wallpaper throughout the walls, you will have to use a lighter color for the walls to show through the pattern. Heavy drapes that cover all the window sills also help to draw attention to the window as the central feature of the picture.

Western, Mexican, and Mediterranean

The great thing about decorating in a western look is that almost any style can go beautifully with this decorating style. Use colors from the desert, sky, and earth to transform a room into a beautiful oasis. Drinkware, lampshades, throws, and pillows from the west contain an abundance of red, brown, orange, gold, and yellows. The furniture for the west style normally includes wooden coffee tables, footstools, and bench seating. Walls are painted in a neutral color, such as an off-white. Santa Fe style furniture is also available in many varieties including lovely sofa tables. Achieve balance by using different textures and fabric choices to soften the look of the room.

If you like the look of the Mediterranean style, then you’ll enjoy the bright colors and coverings found in the window coverings and wall coloring. Furniture is light-colored or white with a distressed look. Leather is a popular choice in Moroccan-style decor. Handmade ceramics are used in place of usual decorative accessories. Sandstone is used to produce a smooth and flat surface.


African-American is actually a misnomer. African-American interior design takes inspiration from several different African ethnic cultures including the contrasting African style with that of the Indian. These are typically contemporary or modern styles, but they fit nicely in a room with an African-inspired theme.

The walls in a room with the African-American theme usually ideally should have wallpaper with a guideline pattern. The more common ones include circles or squares in alternating colors. The more exotic African wallpapers have vibrant colors. The room is usually accented with natural woods like bamboo or stone.

For a nice summer feel, use a blue and white color palette with accents of orange, fuchsia, and deep cerise green.

Elegant and rich with your formal living room design.

This style is also called the formal Victorian style. Generally, again, the Foundations of this style incorporate floral or other delicate patterns as well as seashell and needle designs. The furniture tends to be more lavishly ornate. Wood furnishings with an ornate appearance are common. Dark or highly polished and decorated wood such as cherry is very common. The wallpaper usually has an elegant pattern of light or neutral colors. Flowers are also common.

Window covering devices are one of the most important elements in the grand arch of formal living space design. Depending on how formal or luxurious you want to get, you can use heavy drapes with sheers during your formal living room design. Also consider some form of versatile or decorative valances, trim, and accessories. Furniture can be elaborately carved and highly decorated with trims and ornamentation. Furniture tends to have upholstered floral patterns. Accessories such as wall mirrors, end tables, and flower vases will complete your formal living room design interior.

I hope this helps you in your search for the perfect living room design. The style you choose is ultimately yours to make.