7 Tips to Secure Your Garden

Gardens can be an essential part of our daily family life and as such, it should one of the main ways you want to create a secure fence around your home. It really leaves you at ease knowing that your property is well protected and secured. Doing the right actions to get your garden protected will surely put off any potential danger, thus, safeguarding your belongings.


Below are some of the best ways you can secure your garden:

Installing fences – If you’re property doesn’t have fences, consider putting up one. Fences add a vital element of security around your garden and home. You should build your fences solid and firm, but depending on what type you want to install, you have to check that with your local planning office. You can also grow a prickly tree with thorns around the fences to further discourage thieves or building your fences higher so people cannot easily see into your property.

Adding a gate – Depending on the size of your garden, you may want to add gates for extra protection, just make sure they are totally locked and shut. Gates are affordable to build and if you want to further enhance security, add high security padlock.

Making your hedges higher – If you have hedges, make sure they are high enough since they can be an effective barrier that forms a thick wedge between your home and outside. They also add as a beautiful greenery to your garden.

Securing valuable furniture – If you have a furniture that’s worth a hundred box, then it’s worth securing. Your local garden centre may have some clever items that adds extra security to your precious furniture.



Adding lights – Checking the brightness of your garden lighting is also essential. Another must for added security is to check your sensors if they are working; if the lights come one when they detect movement. It comes very handy whenever you are outside at night.

Placing your valuables in a shed – Valuables such as gardening tools and equipment should be stored in an outbuilding such as a shed. Do not leave bicycles or scooters unattended since they may be inviting to thieves.

Installing alarms and CCTV cameras – Installing alarms can be a valuable security measure since it alerts you immediately whenever it detects movement when someone gets too near than they should. In addition, if you pair it with CCTV cameras, you can have a peace of mind that this two will definitely deterrent any possible intruders.